Leather goods brand from Florence Italy, The Bridge Flagship store in Hong Kong opened officialy.
Shipping to mainland China is possible with a 15% freight surcharge, import duties and VAT is sugject to local Chinese authorities.
Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, UnionPay & WeChatPay accepted.

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The Bridge feature in Chinese movie《Only You》with Tang Wei
《Only You》 is a movie about an exotic love story, all outdoors scenes are filmed in Italy, it starts in Milan and progresses to Florence. The movie implements many panoramic scenes in order to capture Italy’s beautiful scenery, both the refined, elegant, and classic architecture coupled with the tranquil scenery of the pleasant fields gives a visually pleasant exotic experience. In the final scenes of the movie, Tang Wei and Liao Fan can be seen carrying one of The Bridge’s backpack and embracing. The camera then pans up and reveals the Florentine scenery, for a final glance. The ancient buildings, mountains, blue sky, and white clouds are visually reminiscent of the oil paintings of the Renaissance era.