In the directional centre of Scandicci, where approximately 70 persons are employed, are concentrated the management and organisational activities as well as those of product development and logistics. Production is carried out at affiliate plants located throughout the Italian and European territory.

Over the years, the company has established consolidated relationships with specialised suppliers, selected according to very elevated production and research standards. These long-term relationships have made it possible to maintain a consistently high quality and research and development of new solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of the product.

The best hides are processed with conventional techniques combined with the latest technological and chemical solutions, in the search of the maximum respect for the environment.

For linings and ribbons only high quality fabrics are used, from cotton to synthetic ones, and for the seams, German threads are used, among the most resistant on the market, which are selected on the basis of the various uses.

For the metal parts, such as buckles and closures, over the years different exclusive colours have been developed, such as the aged satin brass and black nickel, or the latest Gold Brass, Steel and Coin Gold. Strict electrolyte tests are periodically carried out to verify maintenance during the production process of the required standards of resistance to manipulation, robustness and seal.

The purchase, the quality control and storage of raw materials, as well as the control and the dispatch of the finished product, are centralised at the Management Centre. The control of the main stages of production is carried out at the specific production units by specialised technicians that respond directly to management.