II Ponte Pelletteria S.p.A. was established in 1969 in Scandicci, then just a small town at the gates of Florence. Founded by five partners, the company has distinguished itself since its very origins for the production of bags and accessories with a highly characteristic style. From the great artisan workshop on the outskirts of Florence high quality products were produced with fine materials and unique processes.

The value of "Made in Italy", contained in the typical workmanship of the Florentine bottega, was combined with an aesthetic sense that is definitely "English style". Thus emerged an Anglo-Tuscan style which would serve as an inspiration to many in the subsequent years.

In the collections of these early years, marketed under the trademark of The Bridge, the undisputed protagonist is leather, using only leather of national origin and only full-grain leather.

The best leather is worked according to the most stringent craftsmanship techniques, starting from the tanning stage through dyeing and polishing with amber rollers. The result is leather that is soft and elastic, with the vivid and brilliant appearance that with the passing of time, acquires that lived-in and unmistakable charm, a characteristic of all the products of The Bridge.

In 1987, with the transfer to the existing plants in the productive district of Scandicci, the company was transformed from a large artisan workshop into becoming a true manufacturing company. From that moment onwards, the company came to assume ever greater importance for the economic fabric of the province and the region itself.

Today the company continues its production of leather accessories but it has also enhanced the offering with different materials, such as canvas, coated embossed fabric and high-tech fabrics.